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Enschede 700

Why are we celebrating enschede's birthday?

Obtaining city rights in 1325 was truly an important moment in Enschede’s history. So we want to celebrate this historic event properly. Together with all Enschedeans, we want to hang up the garlands in 2025. The celebration should be a tribute to our beloved city, an opportunity to bring Enschedeans together. It may be felt in all hearts even after 2025. Therefore, we give space to initiatives and creative ideas from all residents that bring Enschedeans together. With which we celebrate the city’s diversity. Not everything has to be for everyone, but everyone should be able to participate. A unique opportunity to show everyone what Enschede has to offer as the beating heart of the region that is bustling with energy.

Enschede700 vier met ons mee
Enschede700 reclamebord mupi
Huisstijl Enschede700 weeftechniek
Het oude wigbold van Enschede

How will we celebrate enschede's birthday?

Enschede is a city of connection. Here you can be yourself and we work together to get great things done. That interconnectedness and connectedness is important. The 700ste anniversary of Enschede is, of course, a perfect time for that. Let’s genjoy everything the city has to offer and enjoy each other. Of historic buildings, new developments and deployment of young talent.

Enschede700 will be a celebration of meeting, collaboration, connection, wonder and fun. Together, we push boundaries and weave our textile past with the entrepreneurial innovativeness of today. A wonderful time to connect with each other. By visiting each other for coffee, looking into each other’s kitchens and making wonderful memories together. We celebrate in community centers, neighborhoods, at schools, festival grounds, parks, downtown and at businesses: in Enschede, everyone participates.

Het oude wigbold van Enschede

Festive dressing with a story

Of course, an anniversary like this deserves a festive decoration. The design duo Image Generation, along with Elroy Klee, has come up with a colorful style that matches the city’s identity. It is based on the “bombazine” developed in Enschede, a weaving technique that allowed our city to grow into the textile capital that it was. The corporate identity for Enschede700 is a highly simplified representation of this weaving technique. It creates a pattern that with different colors creates a festive look. Diversity in design matches our city’s technological, innovative and creative values. It interweaves the past with the city’s future!

Check if your idea is likely to succeed

The celebration of Enschede700 marks a special moment. We look back and look forward.  How do we pass on our city to future generations?  As much as possible, we commit to projects and events of lasting value to the city in 2025.  Social, connecting, visible and fresh. A neighborhood breakfast in the park? A work of art, poem or ode to the city?  Or do you dream of a much larger project you want to realize, but lack the money or people to organize it? In 2025, you will have the opportunity to make your plan a success. Check if your idea qualifies for a financial contribution or other form of support. 

Enschede700 check je idee

About us

Enschede 700 Foundation

Foundation Enschede700 is an independent foundation which the ideas from the city to drive, collect and evaluates them. The big goal is to residents, connecting organizations and businesses, intertwining them with each other. To celebrate Enschede700, the municipality of Enschede has provided 1 million euros. The foundation manages this and would like to double this amount with help from the community, businesses and other sponsors. Both in money and stuff. The main goal, of course, is to increase pride and enthusiasm for our city. A birthday celebration that will be a meaningful experience that all Enschedeans will remember for a long time.

Let’s celebrate the future of Enschede!