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1 million euros for anniversary of Enschede in 2025

In 2025, Enschede will celebrate 700 years of city rights. Various initiatives will be organized during the anniversary year. Everyone is welcome to celebrate 700 years of Enschede in his or her own way. It should be a celebration of the city for the city. From small neighborhood initiatives to large public events. The anniversary year must leave something behind the city and its residents. The municipality of Enschede has released 1 million euros for this. An independent foundation ‘Enschede 700’ is established. She coordinates initiatives from society and starts them where necessary. She facilitates initiatives based on predetermined criteria and monitors the annual overview and the progress of the initiatives in which she participates. In addition, she has been instructed to at least double this amount with contributions from society, the business community and other sponsors (cash or in kind). The municipality wants the celebration of the anniversary year to contribute to strengthening pride in the city and the attractiveness of Enschede. In addition, it should bring residents together, stimulate new encounters and celebrate the diversity of the city. By making the resources available, the anniversary year must provide a platform for local talent and promote creativity by providing space for ideas and initiatives that enrich the city.
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