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Enschede700.nl launched

The website Enschede700.nl was launched on December 15! On the same day that Enschede received its city rights 698 years ago. This online portal is the central point for all initiatives and festivities on the occasion of the city’s 700th anniversary in 2025. Here you will find everything you need to know about our festive year. For example, you can find information about how to apply for money to implement your idea and what requirements you must meet. But also about when the application periods are and what the situation is with permits. You can also register as a volunteer for that year’s festivities. Or when you want to contribute as an individual, company or as a sponsor as a friend of Enschede. And of course you can also come there with your questions and/or comments about Enschede 700. Albert van Winden, director of the Enschede700 Foundation, is very happy that the website is live: “It took a while, but who could have imagined on December 15, 1325 that exactly 698 years later the website Enschede700.nl went live on which residents could find all the information for the upcoming anniversary year in which we celebrate 700 years of city rights. Now that the website can be visited, Enschede700 is taking shape. People with ideas and/or questions can contact us here. But also entrepreneurs who want to contribute. Enschede700 is a celebration of meeting, collaboration, connection, amazement and fun. The central theme is weaving, literally and figuratively. The city owes a lot to its textile history. Now we want to connect residents, link institutions and interweave the past, present and future.” Corporate identity An anniversary like this naturally deserves a festive decoration. The Enschede design duo BeeldGeneration, together with Elroy Klee, have come up with a colorful style that fits in with the identity of the city. It is based on the ‘bombazijn’ developed in Enschede, a weaving technique that helped Enschede grow into the textile capital that it was. The corporate identity for Enschede700 is a highly simplified representation of this weaving technique. It creates a pattern that creates a festive look with different colors. The diversity in the design matches the technological, innovative and creative values ​​of our city. First partner of Enschede700 The website was built by TriMM. They are the first official partner of Enschede700. For more information please contact: Albert van Winden | director Enschede700 | 06 1430 7649 | info@enschede700.nl
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