Game Rules

Game Rules

In 2025, we will hang the garlands for an entire year, together. The perfect time to bring Enschedeans together and intertwine activities. The party is for everyone and has several purposes:


Creating proud residents and encouraging innovation.


Strengthen noaberschap among residents.

Celebrate diversity of people in Enschede and encourage new encounters.

And create varied offerings so that there is something for everyone.


Provide a stage for local talent and encourage creativity.

Making Enschede more attractive to people outside the city.

Strengthen Enschede’s identity.


We want the Enschede700 celebration to leave something lasting for the city. This does not necessarily have to be something physical. This can also be about how people feel connected to the city and to each other.

Enschede700 must be able to be carried outby residents, associations,organizations, cultural institutions, business and other partners. We encourage everyone to meet new people and give young talent a chance.

Game Rules

Below you can read all the ground rules that an application must meet.

Requesting money

Three levels of financial support are available, each with its own maximum budget and conditions.

  1. The activity focuses on the celebration of Enschede700 and benefits the city of Enschede and/or its residents.
  2. The activity contributes to one or more of the stated goals of the celebration.
  3. The activity aligns with the programming and timeline of the Enschede700 celebration year. If it is an additional contribution to an existing project, the contribution must provide a clear link to the Enschede700 celebration, ensuring that the activity connects to the celebration year.
  4. The activity is aimed primarily at all Enschedeans and then at the region and beyond. Large-scale projects with expected large visitor numbers are expected to have supra(eu)regional impact.
  5. The activity is not for profit in order to qualify for a contribution.
  6. The activity is free to attend. If this is not possible, there must be a mini scheme.
  7. The activity promotes inclusiveness, which is an important starting point for a successful celebration year.
  8. The activity takes into account sustainability (including animal welfare), and tries to reduce waste and nuisance to the environment as much as possible.
  9. The activity has no religious or political purpose. Party political meetings and religious services are not eligible for financial support.
  10. Activities and objectives that are contrary to law, public interest or public order are not permitted.


A. Focused on strengthening neighborhood connectedness and cooperation.

B. Applications are reviewed by local residents.

C. The maximum financial contribution is €2,500.


A. Conditions: 25% co-financing, no regular program, application must be made by at least 2 parties.

B. The project encourages cooperation between parties that do not normally work together to promote interesting cross-fertilization.

C. The maximum financial contribution is €50,000.


A. Creative, surprising and innovative plans that complement the normal program. 

B. Must contribute to awareness outside the region. 

C. Requires a minimum of 50% co-financing.  

D. The maximum financial contribution is €150,000. 

Assessment criteria

To ensure that everything is fair, we use a clear set of evaluation criteria for all applications. All applications received are evaluated based on the same criteria. The evaluation criteria can be found here:

In addition, we do our best to distribute the funds available for each round of applications fairly among the various themes being celebrated. The themes within Enschede700 are:

1. Sports and recreation

2. History

3. Create-Enterprise-Future

4. Living together

5. Birthday Party

We think it is important that activities can be organized within the five themes. We take this into account when evaluating applications. We may receive more requests for certain topics than others. This means that sometimes we will have to make difficult choices and not all applications within a theme will be awarded, even if they meet the evaluation criteria and may score better than the application within another theme.

Our goal is to make sure that soon there will be something for everyone and that it will be a celebration for all of us. We appreciate your commitment and involvement in Enschede700 years!