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How to participate

Everyone can participate to make 2025 a celebration. Do you have a great idea? Take your chance! We are eager to receive your creative plans. 

Of course, you can also volunteer. You will become part of a passionate volunteer team, meet new people and help ensure an unforgettable anniversary year. 

As an independent foundation with ANBI status, Enschede700 is also looking for sponsors for the anniversary year. Would you like to contribute to an unforgettable year as an entrepreneur or company? If so, we would love to hear from you. 

Participating as an organizer

We are putting as much effort as possible into projects and events that have lasting value for the city in 2025. Social, connecting, visible and fresh. Do you have a great idea? A neighborhood breakfast in the park, a work of art or perhaps a poem? Or how about a sports tournament or interesting podcast?Check to see if your idea qualifies for a financial contribution or other form of support.

Getting involved as a volunteer

Would you like to contribute to an unforgettable year of celebration as a volunteer? Very much so!

Become part of a passionate volunteer team and meet new people. We look forward to your application, we could really use your knowledge and enthusiasm!

Become a Friend of Enschede

Become a sponsor! As an entrepreneur, business or individual, you can support the anniversary year financially or in kind.

As a sponsor, you may present yourself as an “Official Friend of Enschede” and use the associated partner logo. You will also receive visibility in communications around Enschede700 and exclusive access to certain festivities during the anniversary year.

Please note that companies/brands/products subject to legal restrictions, such as pharmaceuticals and tobacco products, are excluded from sponsorship. Companies, brands and products that do not or do not sufficiently align with the goals of Enschede700 may also be excluded from sponsorship.